8 September 2016


Finally, some images of Hatched, a piece commissioned by Amy Johnson Festival for their 'Da Vinci Engineered' exhibition this July/August in Hull.

Black waxed thread outlines a stylized pair of wings on a horizontally suspended sheet of acrylic glass. The ​shape of this 'drawing' builds the matrix for a bundle of invisible threads joining​ two​ ​acrylic s​he​e​t​s above our heads. Stitched to the vertical threads, a three-dimensional ​pair​ of wings (mohair) unfolds.

So, 2-D 'hatches' into 3-D - makes me think of Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

The base - acrylic glass sewn with nylon and waxed braided thread, steel plate (weight)

Mohair stitched to a matrix of nylon threads.

dimensions: 150cm x 40cm x 295cm (w x d x h)
materials: acrylic glass, nylon, waxed braided thread, mohair, steel plate

2 July 2016

Da Vinci Engineered

Throughout May/June I've been working on a new piece:
HATCHED [images] has been commissioned by Amy Johnson Festival, Hull, UK

Da Vinci Engineered, Renaissance Mechanics to Contemporary Art, is on display in a specially constructed gallery in Zebedee's Yard, off Whitefriargate - from 2 July to 21 August 2016.

"Twelve faithful reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s flight and wind machines loaned by Da Vinci Museum, Florence, demonstrate the remarkable prescience of this great artist and his engineering genius. Alongside these Renaissance machines, specially commissioned and selected works by contemporary artists respond to ideas of flight or explore the use of engineering in their conceptualisation, design or production.
This fascinating exhibition, curated by Lara Goodband, reminds us that the creativity of the engineer and the inspiration of the artist are two sides of the same coin of human endeavor and innovation."

more images will follow...

25 April 2016


Salt works by Motoi Yamamoto
“Salt seems to possess a close relation with human life beyond time and space. Moreover, especially in Japan, it is indispensable in the death culture.”
(Mourners in Japan are often sprinkled with salt after leaving a funeral in order to ward off evil)

More on the story behind Motoi's work: link to video
More images: Artists without borders album

18 April 2016

Textbook - on display

TEXTBOOK is part of the semi-permanent display at Leeds University's new Gallery - Treasures of the Brotherton - as the example of artists' books in their Special Collections.
Details and opening times

This bookwork was commissioned in 2007 on the occasion of a Special Collections exhibition at the University Gallery Leeds, curated by John McDowall and Chris Taylor as part of "pages", a project supported by the Arts Council of England.

19 February 2016

projection of water ripples...

on walls and drafting film (seven sheets 50 x 70 cm each) @ RED Gallery Hull

LIQUID LIGHT (click thumbs to enlarge)

11 February 2016


A site-specific installation as part of SETTING OFF at RED Gallery Hull
22 Jan – 21 Feb 2016

A pool of water mirrors the dimensions of the skylight above, about 2.7m x 70cm. Seven sheets of drafting film form an arch between this pool and the skylight. The slightest vibration creates ripples in the water which are projected on the film sheets and the surrounding walls as enlarged drawings in motion.

Liquid Light is a silent musical instrument. Fixed to the body of a wooden frame the pond liner works as a membrane; the water acts as the medium conveying the message. - Tapping the wooden frame, touching the pond liner or directly the water surface creates waves which again are projected onto the film and the walls of the space.

materials: wooden frame, pond-liner, water, light, seven sheets of drafting film fixed to wires connecting floor and skylight

The video below shows projections on sheet one to four and then the entire installation. The ripples here are created by dripping water.

9 February 2016


One of three site-specific installations currently shown at RED Gallery in Hull exploring the space, light and materials.
Threads of mohair wool connect floor and skylight 'drawing' three separate layers in the space, more or less curved. The walls reflect the red. Matt paint on the floor records the motion of visitors as they move about this piece. The space is about 4x5 metres and 2.2 metres high. 

30 January 2016


“Aufbrechen” (German) means to leave, to set off, to burst, to break sth.
materials: 4 sheets of black glass, sand,
piano wire, light

Four sheets of black glass, 20 x 30cm, each lying or hovering upon/above a layer of sand. Each of the for sheets is broken to pieces in a different way. The 1st sheet is whole and embedded in the sand, the following pieces are broken into pieces, gradually becoming smaller and more chaotic while 'lifting' more and more from the ground.

22 January 2016

Setting Off

Preview tonight 19-21h @ RED Gallery

18 December 2015

Pictures of an exhibition

'Changing Landscapes' a solo show of sculptures and installations
KunstRaumRhein | Dornach | Switzerland
18 Sept to 21 Nov 2015

Link to a photo album [press info button in top right corner to see annotations]

17 December 2015


Thank you to the many people who helped Changing Landscapes come true:
  • David Priestman spontaneously came over from Hull and helped installing for a whole week. Thanks for your knowledge and ideas - it is a pleasure to work with you!
  • Benno Hungerbühler, a big thank you for carefully cutting/adjusting the 'Seascape' video - and this in the middle of the final edits to your own documentary, La Troisième Langue (!).
  • Roland Bitterli provided and installed the metal carrier, the (invisible) backbone for the projection screen and partition wall.
  • Jolanda Schaad and Stefan Weigert, thanks for your precious help on the final stretch before the opening.
  • Grateful to Gaye and Jörg Detmold, to Stefan's parents, Simon Mugier and Salare Kordy for helping with transport and much more.
  • Christoph and Marécar provided a home away from home for three islanders during the installation period.
  • Thank you to Walter Kugler for his thoughts and introductory words about my work at the opening, including a poem by Hull's Philip Larkin.
  • And last but not least, ddeimann, curator, thank you for seeing one of my airy pieces in Berlin and for being curious enough to set all this into motion!

6 October 2015


Latest addition to a series called AUSLOTEN (to fathom out). Part of a family of eight 3-D drawings on display at  Changing Landscapes, a solo-show at KunstRaumRhein in Dornach, near Basel, Switzerland.

Light and nylon threads

Dimensions: 12 x 36 x 200 cm
nylon thread | light (LED) | acrylic glass | weight (metal)